2017 New Years Resolutions

2016 has definitely been a year of startling changes and a year of personal growth for me. Looking back at my 2016 New Years Resolutions made me nostalgic of my childhood days…sigh…but has also brought to my attention how much a year can change you. Here I am making another post…a different post about last years accomplishments and this years hopes and dreams!

2016 Memories / Accomplishments:
1. Graduated high school
2. Finished first year of college with a 3.87!
3. Joined Pre-Dental Society, HMP3, BioScholars, and TASA
1. Maintained strong relationships with those who matter (both friends & family)
2. Met a lot of amazing people in college and kept a couple of them close
3. Made more of an effort to meet up with people in person 🙂
1. Finally became an early bird and a lucky duck who gets at least 7 hours of sleep!
2. Worked out at least once a week, ate healthier, drank more water
3. Kept a clear mind, let go a lot of anxiety, became more positive and therefore happier
4. Started planning and actually adhering to a schedule/routine which allowed me to do more in less time
5. Read more

2017 Resolutions / Goals:
1. Work hard and continue to strive for As!
2. Become more active and involved in clubs! Start volunteering and find a meaningful research position.
3. Find a job 🙂 
1. Maintain and strengthen relationships with old and new friends
2. Meet more people and make more friends! Become more involved in a diverse social club or attend more social events.
3. Become genuinely interested in more people. Listen intently.

Physical & Mental Health
1. Stick with current sleep, exercise, and diet regime and find a way to improve further
2. Maintain mental health and let go of even more anxiety, worry, and pessimism
3. Be forgiving and less annoyed…be only a little bit less cautious!
Lifestyle & Attitude
1. Be less fearful and hesitant when trying new things… Enjoy and feel more 🙂
2. Read more books!
3. Express gratitude daily and give genuine praise
Blog & Journaling
1. Start daily journaling or blogging! 365 days of quick run through of the days events and thoughts~(Under “Daily Journal” tab)

New Years Resolutions always give me a renewed surge of motivation to evaluate my life and find ways to build upon it 🙂 I found that writing out my personal goals helps me organize my thoughts and that planning is always the first step towards achievement and action! Here’s to a year that we should all enter with eager and open minds and hearts


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