Autumn in La Jolla: Hometown Hunt

Hey guys! Finally back from my long college-y hiatus~

So…Eventbrite, a humongous self-serve ticketing site, is conducting a project, called “Fall Hometown Hunt,” where various bloggers can share their favorite local fall spots. And…of course I had to participate! To make attending and hosting those fall events easier, their straightforward ticket selling tool makes it ridiculously easy to get and sell tickets. (I had to get tickets to this crazy ropes obstacle course recently…and through Eventbrite, it was simply a click of a button away).

I’ve always been a summer gal…but moving to La Jolla, I’ve actually fallen in love with autumn (the weather is literally so ideal). Spending a simple half-day exploring the area around my school has definitely opened my eyes to the many treasures and culture La Jolla holds.

Brunch at The Cottage

Living off dorm food is definitely an experience of its own and the same food every week certainly gets old really fast. However, a yearning for solid brunch food in a cute place isn’t all that uncommon too. Thankfully, we came to The Cottage (yelp page) which is a very cute and small place that serves solid brunch food (as reflected by the ratings and number of reviews). They are a little bit busy on the weekends, however, they have complimentary tea and coffee cake for those customers on the waitlist! How considerate 🙂 The most popular dishes there are definitely the Eggs Benedict and Stuffed French Toast. They also have vegan selections as well, making it a place where everyone can enjoy.


Eggs Benedict
Stuffed French Toast
When there are too many options… ft. Vicky (my roommate!)

La Jolla Cove

With full bellies and with the sun shining intensely on our faces, we walked to La Jolla Cove. Don’t make the mistake I made and wear sunscreen and breathable clothes because La Jolla gets hot really fast. La Jolla cove is just as pretty as any other beach…but what I found made it special were the numerous seals parked there. I was lucky enough to sneak up close to a baby seal (which called for adorable pictures). This little cove is perfect for a nice stroll in the park with your family, friends, or that special someone. 🙂


Bobboi Gelato Shop

If there’s a reoccurring place my friends keep telling me to visit, it’s definitely Bobboi Gelato Shop. I somehow wasn’t feeling very ice-creamish (if that’s even possible) so I didn’t get any, but Vicky was definitely digging into her portion! The amazing taste is backed up by the many yelpers (Yelp Page) and with so many organic and unique selections, there’s something for everyone. Also, I was completely obsessed with the interior decoration as a lover of succulents, making this place especially Instagram worthy! 🙂

Taste-testing~ Yumm
Succulents and Ashley (Roomie #2) ❤


DG Wills Bookstore

As a final stop for our small adventure, we made a point to swing by DG Wills Bookstore which is definitely one of those “magical” bookstores you see in the movies. The owner is an elderly man who was courteous and kind even though he knew we probably weren’t buying anything. What makes this bookstore even more special is the little hidden book room in the back, which makes it all the more exciting!


As fall quickly fades into winter, I am excited to see how everything around me changes in Southern California. I am definitely going to start posting more… so stay tuned 🙂

Thank you to Eventbrite for reaching out and inviting me to share my fall adventures!


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