A Day in Half Moon Bay

After enduring a couple of boring, idle weekends without my brother (he was at camp), my mother, father, and I decided to take a quick day trip to Half Moon Bay. It was cloudy that day, so it was perfect for taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. When we arrived, we noticed that there was a lot of people climbing onto the rocks that were there to divide sea from land. After a couple of patient minutes, we see humpback whales quickly surfacing and disappearing in the distance! This was my first time seeing a wild whale so it was particularly exciting.

DSC_0148 (2)
What does a whale do all day? Wail >u<

Here’s a couple other things I saw during my walk…

DSC_0018 (2)

DSC_0040 (2)

DSC_0124 (2)

DSC_0128 (2)

DSC_0008 (2)

DSC_0135 (2)

DSC_0113 (3).JPG

After a bit of exercise, we were getting tired and hungry, so I pulled up the trusty Yelp app to see what was yummy nearby. Lucky for us…there was a very popular place that was in walking distance and the food there…was right up my ally.

DSC_0086 (2)

IMG_6278 (2)


DSC_0091 (2).JPG
Salmon Burger


DSC_0095 (2)
Manhattan Clam Chowder (basically minestrone soup with clams)

Sam’s Chowder House (Here’s the Yelp page!) is a chain restaurant. We had our lunch here and was seated on the patio overlooking the sea. It was rather beautiful and I could only imagine how pretty it must be at night with the lights on! The heat warmers kept us toasty even when it started sprinkling for a bit. My dad got a salmon burger and the salmon was really fresh! However, it was a bit bland so my dad (who enjoys stronger tastes) didn’t enjoy it as much.
Now, if you are a sucker for minestrone or chowder… you will LOVE this place. One of my comfort foods is minestrone soup so having it on a moody, cloudy day warmed my heart (and body) right up!

What’s your comfort food? And how are you making your weekend(s) more exciting? 🙂


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