Delightful Bites in Japan

After eating a week’s worth of meals in Japan, I fell in love with the simplicity and deliciousness of Japanese food. I always encourage healthy eating (though I am definitely not a health nut) and try to search for the freshest ingredients. Everything I ate in Japan left me comfortably full and happy unlike some (American) meals that just leaves me full with greasy lips. If you ever visit Japan, make sure to savor the traditional foods they offer. After all, food tastes the best when they are made in their place of origin.

> Ichiran Ramen Shop <
My mom and I came here after my mom did extensive research of well-known ramen shops and this one did not disappoint. It impressed us so much that we came here again for our last meal before heading off to the airport. Both times we came, there was a line, though not unreasonably long for the quality of food they offer. They offer complete customization with a ordering sheet which I highly appreciated, as I’m sensitive to salt and could do with less oil (or “richness”). The portions aren’t very big, but you can add noodles if you save just enough broth! The ticket purchasing process and actual seating area was all very unique as the waiters/waitresses are all shielded with curtains so you can never see their faces. Definitely gave me Spirited Away vibes.

DSC_0180 (2).JPG

DSC_0160 (2)


> Takoyaki <
Osaka is pretty famous for their takoyaki, which are basically balls of batter filled with octopus and drizzled with amazing sauce. My mom used to make this for me and my brother when we were small so I was excited to get a blast of my childhood. I only had it once when I was here (because I was full the majority of the time), but that was enough to bring back memories.

DSC_0496 (2)

DSC_0499 (2)


> Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba <
I’m mushing these two together in one bullet point because I had it for one meal. Again, this was like eating really happy feelings…if that was possible…because that’s what I felt when consuming them. Before Japan, I was most definitely a rice person but I think Japan converted me.

DSC_0489 (2)
Okonomiyaki : Japanese savoury pancakes
DSC_0484 (2)
Yakisoba : fried buckwheat noodles

> Udon <
Out of all types of noodles, this has always been my go-to. I came into a little shop tucked in a corner of an underground shopping mall’s restaurant floor and it was everything I needed at the end of the night. This little shop hand makes their own Udon noodles which makes them extra chewy and yummy.

DSC_0683 (2)

DSC_0694 (2)

> Matcha Ice Cream <
I had to mention this once again in my foods post as I didn’t want you to miss it. That is how much I WANT you to try it. It’s every bit delicious…so I need to find out a way to make it here in the US.




3 comments on “Delightful Bites in Japan

  1. […] > Dotonbori < Dotonbori is a collection of shops and attractions located along and by the Dotonbori Canal. We spent a lot of our time strolling and shopping here as our hotel was conveniently located near this canal. There are so many streets lined with shops that it’s almost impossible to go through all of them. I know I probably didn’t even get through half of them and I stayed nearby for 3 days! Below is a dorky picture of me with the famous Glico man! Literally everyone was doing this pose, so in my defense, it was only a little bit embarrassing. Come here at night to experience the lights dancing in the canal…I promise it’s worth it! Also, if you ever come here…you must try the well known Ichiran ramen shop! More details on my Japan Meals post! […]


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