part 2 Nara

Walking out of the subway station I expected to see deer. After all, wasn’t Nara famous for its sacred, adorable deer? I feel silly typing this as I wasn’t even in the park yet. The walk from the subway station to the park is quite lengthy (especially in the sun)…but doable. Upon arriving in the park, I saw this:

DSC_0868 (2).JPG

And ohh man…did the concentration of deer increase as my mom and I headed into the park. They were perfect in every way and I fell for them hard. There were plenty of deer cracker vendors so that we can feed the deer… but be wary when purchasing the crackers as they WILL chase you and swarm you!

DSC_0929 (2)
DSC_0066 (2)
DSC_0891 (2).JPG
IMG_5441 (2)

There was no need to rush our good-byes to the deer as they were everywhere in the park. Distracted for about an hour with our new animal friends, we eventually made our way to Todaiji (aka Great Eastern Temple). Each temple I had been to so far was unique in their own ways and Todaiji was not any different. This one-of-a-kind temple was really really large. Even the statues in the temple were of great size and we walked around with our head tilted up, mouth open in awe.

DSC_0009 (2)
DSC_0061 (2)

DSC_0032 (2)
After finishing our visit to Todaiji, we returned the way we came, stopping by the little vendors on the street and purchasing a few snacks for our friends back home. By the time we returned to Kyoto, it was dinner time and my mom and I were too exhausted to go out to eat. So we returned to our hotel room with bowls of noodles purchased from a nearby Lawson and passed out with our bellies full.

cont. part 3 Osaka


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