Las Vegas + Grand Canyon

This is my 5th time visiting Las Vegas and my 2nd time touring Grand Canyon. I know right…I must be running out of road trip destinations. However, it’s okay because I have always loved Las Vegas, not because of the activities that I could not legally attend but because of the simple fact that it distracted me from the responsibilities of my real life (and buffets). Since I was revisiting, the itinerary was more laid back…a nice change of pace!

DSCF8887 (2)
A long 8 hour drive
1451625645060 (2)
Made it!
DSCF8995 (2)
Las Vegas: City of Lights

Ethel M: Botanical Cactus Garden

Grand Canyon West

Stop 1: Hualapai Ranch
DSCF8922 (2)

Stop 2: Eagle Point
DSCF8958 (2)
There was a small Native American Village displaying the different homes of various tribes. It’s very cute and a great interactive experience! :3

DSCF8946 (2)

At Eagle Point, we had the chance to go on the ever-so-popular Grand Canyon Skywalk. Although it was an unique experience, I was a bit disappointed at how expensive the short walk is.

Stop 3: Guano Point

DSCF8977 (2)
Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon

M Resort Studio: B Buffet

This is my second time coming to this buffet. Yes. It’s that good. Although this buffet may be smaller than other Las Vegas buffets, B Buffet still has a wide selection of food choices and an impressive row of desserts. I’m a hopeless sweet tooth, so they’ve got me hooked. During Christmasttime, they offer crab and they make this yumminess super easy to consume by already cracking the shell in half for you!

Little Church of the West


1451625671911 (2)
Cute little wedding chapel!

M&M’s World

1451630039004 (2)
(excuse my awkward piece of hair)

Here’s a picture of me, my mom, and Red! Yummm :1

CSI: The Experience

1451630025097 (2)
Entrance to CSI: The Experience

I adore criminal and law shows…so this little activity was pretty fun. I’d say it would be perfect for 5th-8th graders who like criminology… but everyone can learn something from it. There are three “murders” to “solve.” You record down your findings on a self-guided worksheet that will guide you to success.


20151228_122412 (2)
A little cute soap shop next to CSI!

Fremont Experience

DSCF9015 (2)
Puppeteer at Fremont Experience

Cirque du Soleil: O


Everyone is leaning forward…waiting eagerly…

1451629977639 (2)

After watching the O show….I was speechless. The acrobatics and performance were perfectly synchronized and the entirety of the performance makes it worth every penny. The storyline will forever be a mystery…the performance, the story, the characters will adapt to your own imagination and you will find that you are creating the storyline yourself. It is truly an amazing and unique performance. I was definitely impressed as this was my first Cirque du Soleil performance. Definitely going to see a second one in the future~

1451625694425 (2)

1451625702336 (2)
Can you see me? Hehe


❤ ~



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